No Nonsense Nausea

So it’s no secret that with undergoing chemo treatments, you are to experience some nausea and vomiting with the days/weeks surrounding.

Well guess what? I’m not going to take it anymore.

This post is dedicated to all my anti-nausea tricks and remedies that help just about anyone with nausea-not those just struggling with chemo.

8 Foods to Get Rid of Nausea

Whether you want to believe it or not, an empty stomach could cause more nausea, according to Michael Stafford who is an oncology dietician at Medical University of South Carolina’s Hollings Cancer Center in Charleston. Here are 8 foods that he says will rid of nausea.

  1. Bland, White Foods: white rice, toast, low fat yogurt. These foods don’t have much of an odor or flavor so they’ll be easy to swallow. Usually, toast is my go to breakfast when I wake up feeling nauseous and after that the nausea starts to dissipate.
  2. Starchy Snacks: crackers and pretzels. These foods can help absorb stomach acid that could make you feel nauseated. I recently just found this out about pretzels, and I’ve kept a little bag on my nightstand ever since. It really comes in handy, especially if they’re salty since salt also relieves nausea. (Which basically all pretzels are)
  3. Oatmeal: Now, I’m not a fan of oatmeal but they are easily digestible and don’t have a strong odor.
  4. Ginger: I’m sure everyone knows this one. Whenever you’re sick or nauseous, I can bet money that your mom gave you some ginger ale to calm your stomach and it works every time. They also make crystallized ginger candy that have a stronger taste if you can handle it.
  5. Apples: Fiber-rich apples may help clear nausea related chemicals in your system. Applesauce and apple juice can also soothe an upset stomach and maybe even prevent one altogether.
  6. Bananas: They stimulate the production of mucus from the stomach lining, which blocks nausea-causing substances. If you feel a banana is too heavy then chop it up and put it in a smoothie!
  7. Clear Beverages: Water, sports drinks, tea and coconut water just to name a few. They can help keep nausea under wraps. Plus, it’s good to stay hydrated in the case where you are actually vomiting.
  8. Icy Cold Foods: Sherbet, italian ice or sucking on ice cubes can all help settle your stomach as well. I’ll take it!

CBD Hemp Oil


My next anti-nausea remedy is a little different than food. A friend introduced me to CBD oil and I can honestly say I haven’t went a day without it since then. But wait.

What exactly is CBD oil?

Cannibidiol (CBD) hemp oil is made from high-CBD, low-THC hemp, unlike medical marijuana products, which are usually made from plants with high concentrations of psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Because hemp contains only trace amounts of THC, these hemp oil products are non-psychoactive, which means they don’t get you high.

CBD hemp oil has helped me immensely with my nausea and all around how I’m feeling. It’s also extremely easy to use. You just put 1-3 drops under your tongue then count 10 seconds and then swallow it. I usually start to feel better almost immediately.

In addition to nausea, CBD oil has a wide range of medical benefits. It can suppress with seizure activity, combat psychosis disorders, combat inflammatory disorders, and it can combat anxiety and depression.

Hope you all learned something and found this post helpful!



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3 thoughts on “No Nonsense Nausea

  1. Thanks Breezy, I am sure this will help folks before they start experiencing the nausea. Go easy on that CBD oil though.


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