The Phone Call That Changed Everything

Phone_Vintage_Call_TelephoneMy 4th of July weekend was different than anyone’s typical weekend. Of course, I had a nice weekend planned with my family out at my Dad’s summer house in the Hamptons but that’s not what made this weekend memorable.

What made this weekend different was the fact that I had to get a PET scan on Friday the 30th before I could begin the 4th of July festivities. This PET scan determined a lot of things. It determined whether or not the treatment was working, if the cancer spread, and my future treatment plan. This PET scan has been in the back of my mind since the moment I was diagnosed and I’ve been worrying about it constantly in the weeks leading up to it.

After what felt like an eternity, the pet scan was over and I was en route to the Hamptons to begin my weekend. Although, I knew it would be hard to enjoy when the only thing I’d be thinking about were the PET scan results. In the midst of all the traffic of everyone getting away for the weekend, I kept getting phone calls from a private caller and I was getting really annoyed. I figured it was just a telemarketer or a prank phone call. After complaining to my Dad about it, he answered abruptly and aggressively after the 4th call expecting it to just be spam. Turns out it was my doctor, and he was desperately trying to get in contact with me. (Oops!) Anyway, I received great news from him that my PET scan came back clear! Nothing lit up on the scan and the chemo was working. I wish I could put into words the weight I felt lifted off my shoulders. This was the news I and everyone around me were hoping and praying for!

Because my results were so positive, I was given the option to choose between radiation or more chemo. After getting extremely informed by multiple doctors, I decided chemo was the right way to go for me. Radiation is too dangerous for a young woman my age and in the range I would be getting it in by causing a secondary cancer. Even though I still have 3.5 more cycles of chemo to get through, I feel like I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I just have to hold on for a little bit longer.



P.S How many times can I say the words “PET scan” without it being so redundant?!


2 thoughts on “The Phone Call That Changed Everything

  1. I know how hard this has been for you. I also know that I have never seen anyone tackle such a life altering experience with such grace, maturity and fortitude. It is only natural to have times of circumspect. It is what we do with these moments that show determine the true ‘grit’ we have deep inside. You have evolved a long way my dear niece. Some think our paths are defined long before we are born. We are destined to live the lives assigned to us and the plan is always unknown. You were blessed with a loving support system. Honorable mentions go to your strong, handsome, quiet boyfriend as well as your loving mom and dad. They would do anything for you! Please remember you are ALWYAYS in my thoughts and only a phone call away.


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